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Stainless Steel Rings - INCH

Stainless Steel jump rings are made from type 308 stainless steel

The gauge wire used for making all our rings is measured in SWG (Standard Wire Gauge).

Excellent resistance to water and foods. Will not rust or change color over time.

Each size has an approximate rings per order count, so ordering 1 of that size will get approximatly that many rings (sold by weight) for example 1/4 18g says approximatly 405 rings per order so ordering one will get you 405 rings, order 2 and 810 rings and so on.

The gauge of the wire referes to the thickness. 16 gauge is a thicker metal then 18, and 18 thicker then 20.

AR = Aspect Ratio , more about AR at:

ID = Inside Diameter

**BULK DISCOUNTS** Click the individual listings below for information on pricing in bulk discounts (the discount is automatically applied when you meet the minimium quantity for that item in your cart).

Product Image Item Name- Price


3/16 20g Stainless Steel

3/16 20g Stainless Steel

AR: 5.35 ID: .1875" (4.76mm) Approximate rings per ounce: 335 Buy 25+ of these and get 5% off , 50+ and get 10% off!
5/32 20g Stainless Steel

5/32 20g Stainless Steel

AR: 4.4 ID: .1562" (3.96mm) Approximate rings per ounce: 367 Buy 25+ of these and get 5% off , 50+ and get 10% off!
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